Administration System sample images
Account List
The first page you see when you sign-in to your account is the Account list. This page shows all of the sponsor forms you have created. From here, you can view and edit pages you have created, view a list of sponsors and create new sponsor forms.

Sponsor Forms Online: My account list

Sponsor List
This pages shows you the running total you have had pledged for the selected sponsor form. You can view the pledges and personal messages your sponsors have left for you as well as their payment status. From here, you can email the sponsor, update their payment status, export a report to MS Excel and run the "Awaiting Payment" report.

Sponsor Forms Online: Sponsor list

Awaiting Payment
This is a report showing which pledges still have a payment status of "no". The total amount outstanding is shown at the top of the page. From here, update the payment status and export a report to MS Excel.

Sponsor Forms Online: Outstanding payments

Update Payment
Use this page to update the payment status of the selected record. Once the payment status has been updated, you are returned to your sponsor list.

Sponsor Forms Online: Update payments

Sample Sponsor Form
This is a sample of the sponsor form showing the event name and description that you enter at the point of creating the form. The areas highlighted can be updated using the "update page" link from your Account List.

Sponsor Forms Online: Sponsor Form

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